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As far as I know this is the second web page for the talented actress Cynthia Gibb on the web. The first was created by Stockbridge Truslow, and is an official page.

The primary purpose of this site is to provide Cynthia's fans with the most current information about her projects. As well as some additional information and links not found on the official page. I hope you will find your visit entertaining, interesting and informative. Thanks for visiting and check back often for the latest information. Feel free to email me with your thoughts and comments. Or if you have any additional information that might be relevant to this page.

If you wish to contact Cynthia you can write her c/o:

1925 Century Park East, Suite 2320,
Los Angeles, CA 90067


Fine print: The sole purpose of this site is recreational, no financial gains have been obtained from its publication. If you own the copyright to any of the material/content on this site, and you object to its use here, please inform me and I will remove it at once.


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Last Updated: 23 October 1998
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