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tells the story of Gypsy Rose Lee, the world's most famous stripper. Her mother, Mama Rose (Bette Midler), is reknown as the world's most famous stage mother, bent on making her daughters showbiz successes.

Cynthia as Gypsy

In this role Cynthia shows us "Gypsy's evolution from a 15-year-old tomboy into the ultimate burlesque queen."

Cynthia said,Gypsy "took the world by the balls and made herself a star."

Taken from: Mademoiselle, Dec 1993,Dressed for Success by Rick Marin.


Playing a stripper meant "doing the strips in front of 350 extras and a crew of 75 people," Cynthia said. She also wore very heavy Bob Mackie gowns and "very, very, high heals."

Taken from: Allure, Dec 1993, p 43.

Cynthia, Peter Riegert, and Jenifer Beck

Cynthia and her co-stars, Jennifer Beck and Peter Riegert.


In a review of the movie for Daily Variety, Jonathan Taylor writes:

"...Gibb gives a star-making performance as Louise. Although overshadowed by Rose, Louise is in some ways a harder part to play; she needs to seem an inept wallflower who blossoms into a confident, beautiful Rose Louise - later dubbed Gypsy Rose Lee as she embarks on her stripping career. Gibb pulls this off skillfully, conveying the character's inner goodness, strength and pain." Daily Variety, December 8, 1993.

It's a great movie, and available on video. Rent it now!


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